As one of the largest compensation law firms in the country, Shine Lawyers have experts that can help you get the compensation and justice you deserve. With over 100 lawyers across Queensland, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Our Queensland Accredited Specialists are listed below.

Jodie Willey Shine Lawyers Jodie Willey, National Legal Partner

Having spent nearly 20 years with Shine Lawyers, I consider myself fortunate to have been involved in helping many clients obtain justice over the years. I believe my diverse experience, having been a senior legal practitioner specialising in plaintiff litigation and progressing into leadership roles including the Queensland and National Legal Partner roles, has taught me a lot about the challenges clients face and the obstacles in a case that us as lawyers have to overcome.

In my role as National Legal Partner, my primary objective is to ensure each of our clients receive quality consistent service, to ensure we deliver on our promise to clients, and live the deeply ingrained values of the firm. I look forward to playing a leading role at Shine Lawyers to ensure ongoing success. I will work hard to continue our growth and development into new practice areas, whist maintaining our strong focus on the client, our commitment to righting wrongs, and staying true to our values.

Personal Injury Lawyer - Kathryn RaynerKathryn Rayner, Branch Manager / Associate, Townsville

With more than 15 years’ experience practicing plaintiff litigation, I’m extremely client focused, hardworking and passionate about giving my all to help clients achieve justice. I joined Shine Lawyers excited and enthused about the prospect of working with other like-minded people; people who truly put the best interests of the client first and who specialise in my area of law. As an Associate of the firm, I have an active role in demystifying the claims process for clients, fighting for them, and supporting them throughout the duration of their claim.

The best part of being a Branch Manager for Shine Lawyers is seeing the positive impact we make in the lives of people in the Townsville region. Being their voice when they felt that they didn’t have one is what the job is all about for me.

Personal Injury Lawyers Lisa KinderLisa Kinder, Partner, Toowoomba

Having started with Shine Lawyers in 1993, I have nearly 20 years of experience standing up for people who have been wronged in society. In my role, it’s seeing the terrible things these people have had to live with and go through that makes fighting for them an honour. I admire the courage my clients have in the face of adversity and know that the battles we win with insurers in the claims process, often don’t compare with their daily battles and challenges to do everyday tasks.

As an accredited specialist and partner, I want to obtain the best possible result for my clients and ensure they receive the compensation they deserve. I promise to continue my absolute commitment to making this happen and look forward to achieving justice on their behalf.

Personal Injury Lawyers Melissa O'NeillMelissa O’Neill, Associate, Brisbane

Specialising in Plaintiff Litigation, I have spent many years fighting against insurance companies and other large organisations to obtain justice for my clients. I was delighted to join Shine Lawyers and to be given the opportunity to lead this fight in my department. Like myself, the team here is focused on getting the best outcomes for clients, whom we treat like family.

I have seen what many of our clients go through; I have stood shoulder to shoulder with them and been there during some of their darkest times. To be able to restore some of their dignity and self-respect that insurers have taken from them, is a great honor and privilege. My role as an Associate in the Disability Insurance and Superannuation Department is a challenging but rewarding one. To be able to witness the courage of our clients and to be able to fight for them is a huge motivator and is definitely what keeps me going.

Personal Injury Lawyer Roger SinghRoger Singh, Partner, Brisbane

It is an honor and a privilege to stand up for the little guy and to be a voice for those wronged by the actions of large corporations and insurance companies. In my role as a Partner in Shine Lawyers special practice division I have successfully handled some of the firms more highly complex and challenging litigation.

The variety of work that I have undertaken has seen me represent everyday citizens throughout Australia and overseas. Wherever the client or case, home or abroad, for me it is both professionally and personally satisfying to obtain results that make a positive difference to the lives of my clients and their families.


Personal Injury Lawyer Simon MorrisonSimon Morrison, Managing Director

Having spent nearly 25 years at Shine Lawyers helping an ever increasing number of clients nationwide, I feel fortunate to have been involved in many areas of the business and undertake a variety of roles throughout the company. Throughout this time, and in my current role as Managing Director, I can honestly say that my passion for helping clients seek justice has not waived.

I am excited to be responsible for the strategic and operational objectives at Shine Lawyers and I look forward to seeing our company reach out globally and Right Wrongs wherever and whenever they occur. It is an honour and great privilege to be able to use my skills and expertise in legal and management functions to help get the best outcomes for our clients.


Personal Injury Lawyer Stephen Roche

Stephen Roche, Executive Director

Having started with Shine Lawyers in 1981, I am the longest serving member and helped build the company into what it is today. It is extremely special to have been involved in this growth over the past 30 years at various levels of the organisation; expanding from the one office in Toowoomba, Queensland, to more than 30 offices nationally. Right from the start, I always believed in standing up against injustice and helping out the little guy – values I’m proud to say are deeply ingrained at all levels of the organisation.

I spent nearly 20 years as Shine Lawyers’ Managing Partner and during this time was fortunate to see the impact our efforts have on the many clients that come to us seeking justice. I moved into a Chief Executive Officer role in 2007 and was elevated to my current role as Executive Director in 2010. It is my responsibility to continue to drive the company’s strategic growth at Board level and work to consolidate and strengthen the operations for future growth.

I consider myself an activist who is passionate about standing up for the rights of everyday Australians. I am not afraid of fighting for what is right and taking a stand against insurance companies and corporate Australia when they dodge their duties. It is a privilege to be able to serve this purpose and I look forward to Shine Lawyers’ continued commitment in getting the best outcomes for their clients.