At Shine Lawyers, we have strong values and a commitment to right wrong. We work with and for clients who have been disadvantaged or subject to unjust treatment or behaviour, and don’t make any apologies for our passion and drive to get these clients the compensation and justice they need.

Our Values

Always stand up for the little guy

At Shine Lawyers, we always stand up for the little guy. We protect the rights of the individual and give a voice to those who would otherwise be unheard. We value justice and equality and believe that every client’s story deserves to be told.

We are tenacious, fiercely loyal and dedicated to our clients. We hold true to our values and never, ever give up.

Dare to be different

We are not your typical law firm. At Shine Lawyers, we dare to be different. We take a unique approach to our work and challenge the norms of the ‘traditional law firm’. We look at things differently and take what others see as the impossible as an opportunity. We do things that others would be afraid to attempt. Our innovation to go beyond the legal industry enables us to set new standards in the wider business community. We encourage an environment of creativity and synergy. We aren’t afraid to take risks in order to change the world one victory at a time.

Ahead of the pack

We stay ahead of the pack and invest in the growth and expansion of our business. We value the personal growth and development of our people. We believe that our team is only as strong as each individual’s commitment to making a difference. We feel energised by the achievement of outstanding results for our clients. We exceed our operational and strategic goals and value high performance teams.

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